Female Figure #1 - Becca Stern

Female Figure #1 - Becca Stern
Welcome to our first "Female Figures" interview! 
To kick things off, I am so honoured to have Becca Stern, from Mustard Made to share some insight on a day in her life! 
Becca and I first got to know each other through a collaboration in 2018 and have been business friends since. Becca has been an informal mentor to me and has always made time in her busy schedule to share advice and tips on how to navigate through running a small business, and for that I am eternally grateful. Becca and her sister Jess have created a die-hard tribe of over 89,000 followers (myself included!) in just a few years. Once you lay your eyes on their lockers it's easy to see why, and their motto aptly forewarns you that you will absolutely "fall in love with lockers".... 
Without further ado...

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came into business? 

Becca: I am one half of mustard made and a mum to three boys. I'm originally from London but now live in Newcastle here in Australia. Mustard was born from the dream to work with my sister Jess and a need for really good storage for my home. The obsession with lockers and the style are inspired by my love for vintage furniture. I love working for myself (well, my sister really! Hehe!) means you get to do so many different things and that really suits me as a person.

2. How are you finding your Moodyboard and has it helped with your line of work?   

Becca: Our Moodyboard lives in our office. We have a teeny kitchen so it went in there to make it even cuter and add a place to leave our team notes and the shelf is a spot to put things.


3. What does your typical work day look like?

Becca: My week is fairly mapped out these days, having three kids and working full time means a lot of juggling so I've tried to plan my week around the hours I have so each day of the week has a different focus.

Overall, my days always start with cuddles in bed and breakfast together and end with dinner at the table and then chatting with Jess and getting some work done in the quiet of the night!


4. As a mum, what are the challenges you face when running a business, and what do you do to overcome those challenges? 

Becca: Since having Otis last year I found the hardest thing was not having my own 'head space' to think things through and think creatively. Everything felt a lot more reactionary as it was hard to really get ahead and plan when there was so much going on day-to-day.
Otis is now in daycare two days a week and it's been so good having two days to really get stuck into things again. Overall I'd say 'sharing the load' has been what I've needed to learn most. Whether that's with my husband, my team or paying for daycare, I've had to realise I really can't do everything all the time.

Mustard Made Shorty in Olive, pictured with Moodyboard in Sage with little Sonny (son of Madi Jackson of Freya and Co) . Styled by ByLagom

5. As a business owner, what tips do you have for others who are just starting out/ thinking of starting a business? 

Becca: I think it's really important to have good foundations. Doing your research, listening to blogs, seeking advice from people a few steps ahead and really understanding your product or service is all so valuable. Once you start, there is so much you'll learn but taking the time to build a solid base will really set you on a good path.
Mooodyboard in Sage with Mustard x Wordbits Alphabet magnets in Blush at the Mustard Made Office, Newcastle 
Mustard Made x Mi Goals x Growme Melbourne workspace goals collaboration. 
Mustard Made Lowdown in Slate with Moodyboard in Blush. 
Sisters and Co-Founders of Mustard Made, Becca and Jess


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