Female Figure #9 - Georgia Perry

Female Figure #9 - Georgia Perry

Hello there! It's been a minute since our last Female Figures interview where we chat to leading women in the creative industry. It's about time we get this started again and I'm so excited to share our first interview for 2022, and let me tell you, it's a GOODIE! 

She's a household name in her own right and has clients like Clinique, Adidas, Nickelodeon and Mercedes Benz under her belt. Her work hits you like an explosion of colour that is playful and powerful, and has products stocked in over 150 boutiques across the globe. She's a woman who is lucky enough to wake up every morning and does what she absolutely loves for work and is a leader in her field. On top of that she's also a new mum who supports her family, I mean, that's the dream right?! She's none other than the talented graphic artist and entrepreneur - Georgia Perry

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came into business? 

Georgia: I have wanted to do what I'm doing now, honestly since I was probably 12 years old! I always enjoyed creative subjects at school, was always working on art / craft projects and both my parents ran small businesses, so it was kind of always just expected that I would carve my own path.

I studied graphic design for four years, and then worked in design studios for a few years before branching out on my own. 

I love working for myself, and still often pinch myself that I get to do this as a career.  

2. How are you finding your Moodyboard and has it helped in any way with your line of work? 

Georgia: I love keeping mementos, postcards and other inspiring bits and pieces on my desk, so the Moodyboard has made that a whole lot easier (and cuter)

3. What does your typical work day look like? 

Georgia: We have a one year old, so a typical day can vary quite a lot now! However when things go smoothly, I drop my daughter to day care (she's there three days a week) then usually it's quickly grabbing a chai and hitting my desk for emails / work enquiries / fulfilling online orders for my shop.

If I have a deadline or an illustration project on I'll spend a few hours on that in the morning (I'm sharpest then) otherwise I'm working on my illustration folio or designing new products for my shop.

The product side of my business means there is never a dull moment – as I'm always liaising with stockists and suppliers, eagerly awaiting new samples, and dreaming up new things to make.

 4. As a mum, what are the challenges you face when running a business, and what do you do to overcome those challenges ? 

GeorgiaTrying to keep my old routines has been one of the hardest things. Having a toddler often means plans / your whole day can change at a moment's notice – so adjusting to that has been a challenge. 

Lately I've just been trying to let go of trying to control everything. Just taking each moment as it comes, and knowing that even if I don't get everything done today, there's always tomorrow, and that's OK.


Georgia and her daughter Daisy - Image sourced from @gpez

5. As a business owner, what tips do you have for others who are just starting out/ thinking of starting a business? 

Georgia: I think beyond all else when starting / running a small business you need an almost unhinged amount of blind faith and optimism!
It's very hard work and there will always be dark moments, but you have to keep at it and deeply believe in yourself / that things will work out. 

You also have to be very disciplined – being your own boss certainly doesn't mean you get to slack off! And there's no one else to blame when things go wrong, ha! 

And lastly – you have to stay organised from the very start. That means really boring stuff like getting your bank accounts sorted (including a separate one for tax!) and hiring an accountant.
You wear so many hats when you have a small business, so staying organised is crucial. Even if you're a creative business like me – learn to love spreadsheets! 





Thank you Georgia for giving us a sneak peek into a day in your life and sharing a bit more about your journey! 

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