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Hi! I’m Joey -  I'm an architect and Founder of Growme Melbourne.

Growme started as a passion project when I had my firstborn, Selma. Becoming a mother really changed my perspective on what was important in my life and it pushed me to do more of the things that I loved and made me happy. Growme was a creative outlet for me while navigating through motherhood for the first time. It was "my time" and I loved the feeling I got every time I worked on it.

For the first 2 years of working on Growme on and off while juggling motherhood, my little family moved across Australia every 6 months due to my husband’s surgical training. We lived in Burnie, Tasmania and Alice Springs, NT and having to pack and move with an infant every 6 months was extremely challenging and tiring.. But this was where I took the opportunity to work remotely (as an architect) pre-COVID when working from home was not the norm.

As I was working at my desk, I found myself thinking “I wish there was a simple but stylish inspiration board out there” as I had stuff blu-tacked to the wall, clutter all over my desk and the selection of homewares stores in Alice was pretty limited. That was when I decided to just design one. A tool for myself to help with my work from home setup - And that’s how the Moodyboard came about!

I’m so glad to see that the Moodyboards are now available in stores across Australia, UK and Singapore and have helped many Australians with their work from home & home school setups. We now have a range of homewares to help you and your loved ones be more creative, focussed and productive while at home.