Female Figure #2 - Lauren Camilleri

Female Figure #2 - Lauren Camilleri


It's Friday again and I am so excited to share this next story with you as it truly does resonate with me personally. Any of you currently working a 9-5 job and itching to take that leap to make your side hustle your main gig? Read on as our next female figure shares her journey from being a publishing exec to running a successful business, insight into what her day looks like (not chained to a desk!) and how she balances motherhood and business. 

Our Female Figure #2 is none other than Lauren Camilleri, Co-Founder of Leaf Supply, Author and acting Creative Director of Belle Magazine

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came into business? 

Lauren: I don't think running my own business was where I expected to find myself but I always knew I wanted to be in a creative field. After studying Interior Architecture at uni I went into graphic design in the publishing world of books and magazines. I'm really passionate about print but it's definitely been a tough few years in the industry and when I was looking for a new challenge I started to explore the idea of doing something of my own. I was really getting into my indoor plants and could see it was a growing trend, around this time I met my now business partner Sophia Kaplan and we joined forces to create what is now Leaf Supply.  

2. How are you finding your Moodyboard and has it helped with your line of work?   

Lauren: I'm a really visual person and I love being able to display things on my moody board. From family polaroids to inspiration for the new book, I'm constantly changing it up with the help of my moody magnets. It fits so beautifully in my space and the sage colourway compliments all the plants perfectly.    


3. What does your typical work day look like?

Lauren: One of the best things about running your own business is the variety, no two days look exactly the same. The diversity is very appealing for a girl who was regularly chained to my computer in previous jobs. From creating content for social media, putting together eDM's and other marketing material to getting out to nurseries to source plants and getting my hands in the soil, I relish the different elements that make up my days.

We've just signed on for our fourth book so we're currently preparing for our first shoot days and I'm busy working on the design concept. Writing, shooting and producing the books is an incredibly creative and rewarding element of the business, and one that came rather unexpectedly. 

Leaf Supply Book, by Leaf Supply.


4. As a mum, what are the challenges you face when running a business, and what do you do to overcome those challenges? 

Lauren: Running your own business can be all consuming, there's no leaving work behind at the office. The juggle is definitely real! On the flip side there is flexibility in being your own boss that is particularly valuable as a mum. Both Soph and I have small children and it's been a priority for the both of us that the business work around our lives. I think having a really strong support network is key - a partner who shares the parenting load, day-care and grandparents (total godsend). I couldn't do it without the help. Even still it doesn't take much for things to get overwhelming and the wheels to come off, sickness and sleep deprivation are a constant and I think you just have to accept that there are times that you just have to cut yourself some slack.
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5. As a business owner, what tips do you have for others who are just starting out/ thinking of starting a business? 

Lauren : It can be a really scary leap for people, especially if they've had the security of a full time job for so long. I think one of the best tips is just to start. It's easy to avoid launching until you feel things are perfect but it's much better to put it out there and evolve it rather than sit on it and then have someone else beat you  to it.
Another tip is to really try and understand the financial side of things from the beginning. Get a good accountant if money isn't your forte and get them to walk you through setting things up properly from the beginning. I think a lot of creatives (myself included) find this side of business very intimidating but the reality is if you're not financially viable you have a hobby not a business. It's really empowering to understand the financial side of your business and what does and doesn't make you money, we've found for us it really helps to focus what we spend our time on and that's really valuable when time is so limited.
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Sage Moodyboard at Lauren's home amongst lush greenery. 
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