Female Figure #1 - Becca Stern of Mustard Made

Posted by Joey Azman on

Welcome to our first "Female Figures" interview! To kick things off, I am so honoured to have Becca Stern, from Mustard Made join us to share some insight into a day in her life! 
Becca and I first got to know each other through a collaboration in 2018 and have been business friends since! Becca has been an informal mentor to me and has always made some time in her busy schedule to share advice and tips on how to navigate through running a small business, and for that I am eternally grateful. Becca and her sister Jess have created a die-hard tribe of over 88,000 followers over a few short years. Once you lay your eyes on them, it's easy to see why their motto is "fall in love with lockers". 
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