Female Figures - Launching June 2021!

Female Figures -  Launching June 2021!

It's already June 2021, can you believe it?
I just revisited my new years resolutions for this year and I must admit, I'm falling a little behind BUT I have an exciting segment to share with you all! I am so proud  to introduce our "Female Figures" section launching this June where I will be chatting to a handful of inspiring and successful female business owners within the creative industry who are absolutely kicking-butt at what they do. 
Starting a business is a daunting but exhilarating thing and we need all the help we can get. This is why I've reached out to these amazing women to share with us a snapshot into their day, what advice they have for people who are starting up a new business and how they use their Moodyboard !
So watch this space every second Friday, we have quite an exciting line up with these ladies to name a few...
Becca Stern - Founder, Mustard Made
Nat Wheeler - Founder, Norsu Interiors
Lauren Camilleri - Founder, Leaf Supply
Georgie Daphne - Artist
Brooke Allot  - Founder, Something White Events
First up we have Becca Stern from Mustard Made 
Friday 11th June, 6pm - So set your alarms! 
Here's to learning from the best and supporting women in business  ❤️
Much love,



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